Customs declaration insurance

First, the customs declaration matters are as follows:
If all countries allowed any products can import and export agent, our mutual benefit and mutual trust "principle, wholeheartedly with your factory (company) cooperation.
If your factory (the company) the goods company will use this information to document the form of general trade in Shenzhen and Guangzhou ports exit declaration, do not need your factory (the company) manual, foreign exchange, your factory (the company) only need to provide detailed information to the shipment. In this way, you can easily export procedures, thereby saving costs, we can produce more than one volume, mutual benefit.
The day before the declaration of goods or above, your factory provides detailed shipment information (including delivery time, name, brand, specifications, quantity, gross weight, net weight, consumption of the country, the name of the port, etc.) for inspection of goods sent to our sample inspection, transportation from your factory (the company) or by our agent can your factory (company), freight handling.
In the clearance process, as a result of our documents, or not according to your factory requirements of customs declaration or in violation of the provisions of the declaration, all the losses caused by the responsibility of our company, if your factory to provide product information and the export of goods caused by inconsistent fee shall be seized, responsible for your factory, our company can help solve.
The agent for the variety, quantity, the two sides decided after consultations, the specific circumstances are welcome to inquire or interview.
Two, the advantages of import customs declaration:
Your factory (company) needs to provide sample version or product instruction, packing list (name, net weight, gross weight, box number, number, product specification, type, value, use, origin). Attached: Tax Declaration on whether to reflect the second receiving unit. After the import of customers to original customs declaration form and the original tax, whether the customer has other requirements, can be negotiated for!
Three, provide verification write off, collect foreign exchange, collect foreign payment, take the current flexibility.
Four, export tax rebate. General trade (cotton, cotton yarn). Contract document declaration service.
Export drawback business:
1, your factory / business / company is the general taxpayer enterprises, the monthly excess input VAT invoice (for tax refund in the export of products),
Our company can open the specified reputation, our company can return some money to your company, so for enterprises to increase revenue, improve profitability, achieve the win-win purpose.
2, your factory / business / company is the export tax rebate or general taxpayer enterprises (such as: textiles, clothing, electronic products, electrical appliances, footwear, wood furniture, display, mobile phone charger, cloth and so on) a tax write off single, but exports is not enough. Our company has a good cooperation relationship with a number of dealers in Shenzhen, there are a large number of export goods, many products, adequate volume of cabinets. According to the requirements of your company, the customs declaration of the tax rebate verification sheet, single out safety, fast speed, for factories and enterprises to create greater profits.