Company Profile

       Shenzhen Wanneng International Logistics Co., Ltd. is a professional international logistics, cross-border e-commerce logistics service company. The company integrates the global logistics network resources and realizes 24 hours full range tracking, to ensure the customer's global logistics service.
The company is committed to the international express delivery, international air transport, international shipping, international parcel of global logistics and transport, to provide door-to-door service, in close cooperation with DHL, FEDEX, UPS, TNT, EMS and other international express delivery company, transportation network more than 2000 flights a day, over more than 200 countries and regions worldwide, timing service your logistics package. The international logistics is more effective and more convenient than ever.
The company is responsible for international logistics. Our team by the strict training of all have rich knowledge and experience in logistics logistics team, professional, serious and responsible attitude can not only provide safe for customers to logistics services, more customers can design a logistics plan. Our logistics service has three main purposes, one we must first ensure that goods and logistics channel customers absolute security and stability, and we guarantee that the goods delivered at the time the guests within the stipulated time to third, we are guaranteed on the basis of the above two points for the customer to the minimum logistics cost saving. For customers, the choice of our logistics costs may not be the lowest in the market, but we must choose the safest, most professional, the most trusted entrusted.
In the future, we will continue to optimize and strengthen the international logistics system, and integrate better international logistics resources, so that customers enjoy the better quality of logistics services as the fundamental. Will seize the current international logistics industry rare opportunities for development, pioneering and innovative, determined to forge ahead, with the industry elite together, for China to the international logistics of the rapid development of the contribution of power! Narrow the distance between China and the world through international logistics industry.
The main business of the company:
First, international express service: Hongkong DHL/ continental DHL, Hongkong FEDEX/ continental FEDEX, Hongkong UPS/ continental UPS, Hongkong TNT/ continental TNT, Hongkong post EMS/, China Post EMS/ Singapore EMS, etc..
Two, international special line service: Hongkong / Macao / Taiwan line, Japan / South Korea line, Singapore / Malaysia / Thailand line, Australia / New Zealand line, middle east line, Russia line, etc..
Three, international parcel service: postal parcel, E Po, Germany DHL Holland Hongkong packet, packet, packet, packet Singapore, Sweden Switzerland Malaysia packet, packet, packet, packet of Russia etc..
Four, international air transport services: USA / Europe / Japan Amazon FBA head store, North America / Europe routes, Kuala Lumpur / Singapore / Japan and South Korea routes, Russia / Middle East routes, South Africa / Central South America routes, etc..
Five. International shipping services: Middle East routes, European routes, Mediterranean routes, Australian routes, India Pakistan routes, Southeast Asian routes, US Canada routes, etc..
Six, customs declaration, inspection, import and export transportation, warehousing, handling and other extension services.
Seven. Provide supply chain and third party logistics solutions and related insurance consulting services.
Eight, import logistics services, import transportation business from abroad to China, agent declaration, customs clearance and import one-stop service.
Company vision:
Leading the innovative mode of China's cross border logistics to build an open cross border logistics platform;
Help SMEs in China to reduce cross-border logistics costs, provide stable logistics services, and win overseas market opportunities;
Service in the Chinese cross-border trade market of logistics service providers, to grasp the initiative in the myriads of changes in the market, and won first prize.
Company mission:
Commitment to optimize the integration of logistics supply chain, improve logistics efficiency;
Innovation practice of "three streams in one" in information flow, capital flow and logistics;
The integration of resources that are committed to value re creation promotes the innovation and development of cross border logistics.