International Ocean Shipping

Shipping is expensive for bulk goods, and shipping has become a popular choice for exporters. I group with a number of well-known shipping companies to establish a long-term good relations of cooperation, such as: Maersk (MAERSK), Yang Ming (YANGMING), EVA (EVERGREEN), COSCO (COSCO), China (CHINASHIPPING), CMA (CMA) and the Mediterranean (MSC) OOCL, in the Pearl River Delta and Yangtze River Delta Center of radiation of the global route, with rich terminal network, regional transfer fleet, logistics center, custom brokers company can provide abundant resources as support, port to port, door to door FCL, LCL international shipping services for customers, can provide refrigeration cabinet, cabinet frame, special cabinet and top cabinet warehousing, customs declaration inspection, insurance and other value-added services.
A: the various types of import and export cargo transportation and customs clearance, commodity inspection, declaration of dangerous goods, warehousing, transportation and other business ground to provide full service allocated imports and export cargo operations
Two: undertake multimodal transport of container and bulky equipment and door to door transport business
Three: provide information tracking and feedback service, and agency transportation insurance business
Four: provide services such as route design, price consultation, cost accounting, and logistics services of engineering bidding projects
Booking agent: we have a network of service agents all over the world and the sound of branches, and COSCO, CMA CGM, K-LINE, MAERSK, APL and other world famous shipping companies for many years to establish good relations and cooperation is to provide strong assurance of the most efficient transportation, the low rates for you!
Trade agent: the company can provide foreign trade agency window for the actual import and export business, provide the verification form, and is equipped with a more professional team for customers making packing list, invoice, authorization, single settlement system, such as a full set of import and export business documents.
Customs inspection: for a long time and customs inspection and other departments of the cooperation, our company has a good reputation, customers, customers want to think, our company will cooperate with customers according to the nature of the business, etc., according to the professional knowledge we know, to help customers develop a fast and convenient customs clearance program.
Shipping agency: provide charter booking, document, shipment notice, freight inquiry, insurance agency, railway, highway transportation, overseas network and other relevant import and export transportation service for customers to provide network services agency overseas customers and domestic customers, operating arrangements and freight including specified goods receipt and payment of inland extension services. According to the customer's specific goods and routes, tailored for you to suit your shipping plan, reduce shipping costs.