International postal parcel

International mailing service includes international small parcel mailing service and international small parcel registration service. International small parcel services in Chinese, generally refers to: China postal parcel, Germany DHL postal parcel, Holland post, Hongkong post, Malaysia post, the Swedish postal parcel, Swiss postal parcel, Singapore postal parcel, bulk air mail service.
Name of service: parcel post of China Post
Service code: Address: CNRAM; surface: CNAM;
English Name: China Post Air Mail surface:
Registration: China Post Register Air Mail
Service advantage:
Global delivery, free refund
Customs clearance capability, enjoy the priority of customs, aviation and other processing rights
The packet loss rate is low, and the query is provided by registration
On the same day, the incoming handling is sent to the airport post processing center and sent to the destination
Germany post (DHL) packet, European advantage is obvious
German packet advantage:
1) security: the German postal parcel was transported to Germany directly through Hong Kong International Airport, and was directly sorted and processed by Deutsche Post, without two customs clearance;
2) timeliness: German postal parcel package on the evening of that can go to the German postal website query tracking information, the day or second working days will be able to arrange departure from Hong kong. General 6-10 days to tuotou;
Service Name: Singapore postal parcel service code: Address: SGRAM; SGAM; English surface: Name: Singapore Post Air Mail surface: Singapore Post Register Air Mail: registration service advantage: reasonable price premium, the price is high off ability, enjoy customs, aviation and other priority aging stability, low loss rate coverage the global delivery of more than 200 countries
Service advantages: reasonable price, high performance price ratio, high customs clearance capacity, enjoy the priority of the customs, aviation and other treatment rights, time stability, low packet loss rate, wide coverage, global delivery of more than 200 countries
Service Name: Holland postal parcel service code: Address: NLRAM; English Name: Netherlands Post Register Air Mail service advantage: 5-20 working days tuotou "g" weight to calculate the cost, excluding the first weight and the added weight can be matched to Holland Amsterdam Hongkong battery operation, transfer postal channels customs clearance ability
Service Name: Swedish postal packet service code: SERAM; English Name: Sweden Post Register Air Mail service advantage: 1, stable aging control. Before delivery to the Swedish post, the goods are strictly treated according to the prescribed time limit. 2, comprehensive customer service. Customer service directly connected with Swedish post, reliable and reliable after-sale inquiry support.
Service Name: Swiss postal mail service / priority registration code: Address: SPRAM; SPAM; English surface: Name: Swiss Post Priority Register Air MailSwiss Post Air Mail service advantage: 5-18 working days tuotou; can inquire directly in the post office official website, some European countries can be tracking; multiple distribution centers, flexible allocation the line resources, avoid warehouse explosion, aging stability; postal channels customs clearance ability.